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Audio Services

From idea to finished product, Rarefaction Recording is prepared to help you meet your audio goals and needs with success. Each project is unique and special, and we take pride and care in providing you with the best sound available. 


Learning to record audio can be hard. Let us take the guesswork out of it for you! We provide professional recording in a comfortable space that feels like home. We are also available for live or on location recording. Please contact the studio for rates on your project.

Live Sound

We can provide a Medium/Large P.A. system, with 1-3 engineers, or we can do a version of the system for a smaller indoor/outdoor venue. It's up to you. We are prepared to handle any hard acoustic situation and our team is very confident in the way we trained to mix monitors, which is KEY for an overall performance and sound. We are also experienced and ready to Live Record shows for artists, then taking it to the studio for production with the raw tracks.


Do you have an audio project that has already been recorded? We take raw recordings and provide you with a great mix, fully polished and ready for mastering. We provide professional in studio mixing services for audio and music. Please contact us for rates on your project.


Do you already have a great mix? We can help elevate that product into something ready to professionally release onto all major streaming platforms. We provide commercial grade mastering for all types of audio. Please contact us for rates on your project.

Live Streaming

We have a service that allows you to live stream your project, with a high quality live studio recording. One of the most important aspects of being an artist is to connect with your viewers and fans, so we have a big T.V. that makes it easy to interact with them while performing.

Practice Space

The Studio is a perfect spot to rehearse with your band. We can store gear if you or your band are practicing regularly. We offer setting up stereo microphones to record continuously and given as an MP3, at the end,  so you can listen back. We believe in doing what we can to help the musician perfect their art. Contact Us to book.


We understand that music can change lives and be a great influence on the ones around us. We offer In-Studio or Travel-To Lessons to all ages. We can teach Marching Drums(Traditional/Matched Grip), Drum Set(including sight reading charts), Beginning Bass, Beginning Guitar, Song Writing Technique, Protools/Recording Technique

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