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Artists Page
Artists (Live Sound)
-Hells Bells(ACDC cover band)
-Styx Cover Band
-Boston Cover Band
-Big Love(Fleetwood Mac Cover Band)

-Ethan Tucker 
-Boot Juice
-The Polyrhythmics
-College Radio
-Coloso Band
-The World's Finest
-Dakota Poorman
-Sean The Shaman
-Sam Miller(Comedian)
-Stay Grounded

-The Roostertails
-Kyle and Darin 
-Space Whales
-Groove Lab
-Sean Curkendall
-Big Blue Van

-Been There Done That
-Hurts Like Hell
-Malo Castro & WEPA
-Harrison Division 
-Carly Ann Calbero
-Ted Vigil
-Silver Saturn
-Dub Collective
-Only Hearts
-Pine Hearts

-Anderson Reggae Festival
-Come Back to Callahan
-Reggae at Rife 2017,18,19
-Squidstock (3 years)
-Hartstine Hoopla
-Olympia Lakefair 

Freelance Musicians
Jordan Wasmund

Jordan has been playing in the NW Reggae Scene for 10+ years, including acts such as Sean The Shaman/The Pungent Sound, Big Blue Van, Swayze Train, and Perfect By Tomorrow. He is familiar with diverse styles of music such as Reggae, Funk, Hard Rock, Prog. Rock, Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, and as a multi-instrumentalist; he is strongest with Drums, Percussion, Bass, and took 4 years of proper percussion/marching/sticking techniques. Jordan has experience playing keyboards/piano/xylophone, guitar, vocals and is also a Studio Song Writer. He is an efficient learner and easy to work with.

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